Colloquium 2023

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Free paper sessie

Tijdens het Colloquium zijn er drie sessies met freepaper presentaties:

Sessie 1

A. One year later: the health status of COVID-19 patients after ICU stay and inpatient rehabilitation – Eske Ravensbergen

B. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on physical activity and emotional wellbeing of stroke patients – a prospective observational cohort study – Marjolein Hogenes

Sessie 2

A. In the search for more patient-centered care, which questionnaire  to use: a fixed-item or a patient-specific questionnaire? – Timon van den Berg

B. Caregiver strain in informal caregivers of OHCA survivors – Etienne Stegeman

Sessie 3

A. Preliminary effects of a healthy lifestyle intervention in people with brain injury – Iris Habets

B. Do capacity tests of walking recovery reflect the same improvements as perceived by patients following self-reports post stroke? – Ebru Mumcu